What is Nigeria Bank Sort Code?

Bank Sorts codes provides an exact identification for every Nigeria bank branch. Some payment methods may require you to provide your bank sort codes before such transaction is initiated.

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UNKNOWN logo Format of Unknown Bank Sort Code

Unknown or any banks in Nigeria Sort Code is a nine-digit unique identification number for each bank branch.

The Structure is-









Bank Code

Bank Location

Branch Code

  • 056 - The first three digits is bank code code. Any Unknown Bank Sort Code start with 056.

  • X - The next digit specifies the location of the bank.

  • YYYYY - The last five digits are the branch code.
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    Nigeria Bank Sort Code

    What does the Nigerian Bank Sort Code mean?

    Every Nigerian bank branch is identified by a unique Bank Sorts code. Before a transaction can be initiated, some payment methods may require you to submit your bank sort codes.

    How to Find a Short Code for a Nigerian Bank?

    The Nigerian Bank Sort Code can be obtained in a variety of ways. You may find your branch Sort Code by logging into your online banking interface or visiting your bank's official website.

    Applications of the Nigeria Bank Sort Code

    The usage of the Nigeria Bank short Code is as follows:

    • Transfer funds from your branch account to another branch of the same bank or to a different bank.
    • During electronic transactions, and
    • When sending or receiving money from a bank outside of Nigeria.

    Formation of Nigeria Bank Short Code

    The formation of Nigeria Bank short code is as follows:

    • The first 3 digits represent the Bank Code.
    • The next digit represents the Bank Location and
    • The last 5 digits represent the Branch Code.

    Example: Breakdown of the Nigeria Bank Sort Code










    Bank Code

    Bank Location

    Branch Code

    Bank or Financial Institution Codes

    List of all Nigerian banks' bank or financial institution codes

    Bank Name Bank Code
    Nigeria International Bank (Citigroup)023
    Access Bank Plc044
    Diamond Bank Plc063
    Ecobank Nigeria Plc050
    Enterprise Bank084
    Equitorial Trust Bank Limited040
    Fidelity Bank Plc070
    First Bank of Nigeria Plc011
    First City Monument Bank Plc214
    Finbank Plc085
    Guaranty Trust Bank Plc058
    Keystone Bank082
    Mainstreet Bank014
    Polaris Bank Plc076
    Stanbic-Ibtc Bank Plc221
    Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Ltd068
    Sterling Bank Plc232
    United Bank for Africa Plc033
    Union Bank of Nigeria Plc032
    Unity Bank Plc215
    Wema Bank Plc035
    Zenith Bank Plc057

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