What is an ISD Code?

ISD (International Subscriber Dialling) codes are, also called IDD (International Direct Dialling). These ISD codes / International calling codes defined by ITU ( International Telecommunication Union).

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General Information About ISD Code

What does "International Subscriber Dialling" (ISD Code) stand for?

ISD codes, which stand for "International Subscriber Dialling," are also referred to as IDD codes (International Direct Dialing). These ISD codes / International calling codes are defined by ITU ( International Telecommunication Union) ( International Telecommunication Union).

How Do I Dial?

In order to gain access to the international circuits of the network, you will need to dial the International Carrier Access Code before the country-calling code. For example, if you are calling from India, you will need to dial 00 or the plus sign. After that comes the area code, if there is one, followed by the actual phone number that needs to be dialed.

Pattern to follow when dialing a phone number: [Exit Code] + [ISD Code] + [Area Code] + [Phone Number]

  • The ISD prefix for International Carrier access, which is unique to the country from which the caller is dialing, but most of the time it is either 00 or 011 or the prefix is specified with a plus sign (+). Before dialing the country code, you need to use this prefix code first.

  • ISD Code (if applicable) is a number that is unique to a particular nation. There are occasions when countries in different regions will share the same ISD code.

  • Both the area code and the phone number of the actual telephone that you wish to contact are required. This format will be different from county to county and country to country.