What is Italy Bank ABI & CAB Code?

The Italian ABI & CAB Code is an unique identifier number of a specific financial institution & branch which use to send & receive funds between local/domestic bank account.

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Italy Bank ABI and CAB Code

What is the ABI and CAB Code/Codici in Italy?

ABI Code:

The ABI Code (Associazione Bancaria Italiana) is a number that is used to uniquely identify a bank or lending institution in Italy. The code is made up of five (5) digits that begin with zero (0). Associazione Bancaria Italiana (Italian Banking Association) assigns the ABI code.

CAB Code:

CAB Code (Codice di Avviamento Bancario) is a five-digit number that represents the specific branch of the bank identified by the ABI.

Applications of Italy ABI & CAB Code

The ABI & CAB Code have following applications in Italy:

  • The ABI and CAB are used together for domestic money transfers or payments.
  • Both the ABI Code and the CAB Code are components of the IBAN, which is used for international money transfers.

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