What is an NSC Code?

NSC Code means National Sort Code. NSC code is used by British & Irish bank. The NSC code is a six digits unique numbers that devided into three parts. This code is used to identify the bank location for online fund transfer accross own country.

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NSC Code (National Sort Code)

What is NSC Code (National Sort Code)?

NSC stands for National Sort Code. British and Irish banks use the NSC code. The NSC code is a six-digit, one-of-a-kind number divided into three parts. For example, 11-23-57.

The IPSO (Irish Payment Services Organization) governs the SORT Code and the NSC Cod. In Ireland, a SORT Code begins with the digit "9."

Formation of NSC Code

The formation of NSC code is as follows:

  • The First Two Digits: Bank identifier and
  • The Next Four Digits: Branch Location.

Applications of NSC Code (National Sort Code)

The NSC Code (National Sort Code) has following applications:

  • This code is used to identify the bank location for cross-border online fund transfers.
  • This code is used to identify the bank location where the account is held.
  • SORT codes are only used in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Example: Breakdown of the NSC Code







Identify Bank

Branch Location

Codes for Banks and Financial Institutions

The following is a list of bank/financial institution codes for all banks in the UK and Ireland:

Number Bank Name
93AIB Bank
99Bank of America
90Bank of Ireland
99Bank of Scotland PLC
99Barclays Bank Ireland PLC
99BNP Paribas
92 or 99Central Bank of Ireland
99Citibank Europe PLC
99Credit Unions
95Danske Bank
93EBS Limited
98First Active
93First Trust Bank
99HSBC Bank
99ING Bank
99Irish Bank Resolution
99KBC Bank
95Northern Bank
99Permanent TSB
99Rabobank International
99Realex Financial Services
99The Royal Bank of Scotland
98Ulster Bank

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