What is Bank Number (Brazil)?

The Brazil Código COMPE or Bank Number is the unique identifier number of a particular bank or financial institution & this code helps to identify where the bank account is held at.

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Brazil Bank Number / Numero do Banco / Código de Compensação do Banco & ISPB Code

What is the Bank Number in Brazil or Código COMPE?

Brazil bank numbers are three-digit codes that identify the bank where an account is held.

Applications of Brazil Bank Code

The Brazil bank code can be used for the following purposes:

  • These codes are used when transferring a TED or DOC payment from one Brazilian bank to another.
  • These codes are used when transferring money from abroad to Brazil.
  • The sending bank or payment processing service will use the Brazilian bank number to route the payment to the appropriate institution.

What exactly is an ISPB Code in Brazil?

ISPB is an acronym that stands for Identificador do Sistema de Pagamento Brasileiro, which is the Brazilian Payment System Identifier. ISPB codes are eight digits long and, like the código do banco, aid in directing payments to the correct bank.

Applications of ISPB Code

ISPB codes are not always required when sending money to Brazil because the three-digit bank code is more commonly used. When arranging a payment, you may be given the option of entering either the bank code or the ISPB.

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