What is Jamaica Bank Routing Number?

A Jamaican Routing Number is a eight digit numarical code comprised of the Branch Code followed by the Bank Code & that used to identify a particulr branch of that bank. This code is used to transfer funds between different bank accounts for domestic fund transfer purposes.

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Jamaica Bank Routing Number

What is the Jamaica Bank Routing Number?

A Jamaican Bank Routing Number is an 8-digit unique numeric code that aids in the identification of a specific bank branch in Jamaica.

Formation of Jamaica Bank Routing Number

The jamaica bank routing number is as follows:

  • The first three digits of the Routing Number are the bank code, and
  • The last five digits are a unique identifier number for the specific financial institution or bank branch.

Usage of the Jamaica Bank Routing Number

The Jamaica Bank Routing Number is used to send and receive payments or fund transfers between various bank accounts in Jamaica for domestic fund transfers.

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