What is a Bank Code?

Abank code is a number given to all of a country's authorized member banks or financial institutions by the central bank, a bank oversight body, or a bankers association. Between the nations, the rules differ greatly. Bank codes also have different names. In some nations, the bank codes are viewable online, mainly in the native tongue.

There are many different types of bank codes, such as SWIFT codes and regional or national codes. Routing numbers, sort codes, and BSB numbers are a few examples of local bank codes.

These codes enable the electronic transfer of funds between institutions.

The majority of the local bank codes in the countries that utilize International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs) have been incorporated into the prefix of IBAN account numbers since IBANs were first introduced.


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What is Find Bank Codes?

Find Bank Codes is an online directory that provides information about local, foreign banks and financial institutions arround the world,

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