What is Vietnam Bank CITAD Code?

Vietnam Bank CITAD code also known as Local Clearing Code & it's a unique 8 digits numeric code that helps to identify a specific bank branch in Vietnam. This code is used for local bank account fund transfer.

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Format of Nh Jpmorgan Chase N.a Bank Branch Code

Nh Jpmorgan Chase N.a or any Vietnamese banks CITAD code is a unique eight-digit code used to identify a specific bank branch of a Vietnam financial institution.

The Structure is -








Province/City Code

Bank Code

Branch Code

  • XX - The first two digits are the province, region, or city code of the bank's head office or branch.

  • 627 - Next three digits is bank code. Any Nh Jpmorgan Chase N.a Bank Code start with 627.

  • YYY - The last three digits are the branch code, which is used to identify the specific branch.
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    Vietnam Bank CITAD Code

    What is the Vietnam Bank CITAD Code?

    The Vietnam Bank CITAD code, also known as the Local Clearing Code, is a unique 8-digit numeric code divided into three parts that aids in the identification of a specific bank branch in Vietnam.

    Formation of CITAD Code

    The structure of CITAD code is as follows:

    • The first three digits of the CITAD Code are the province/city/region code of the head office or branch.
    • The next three digits are the bank code, and
    • The last three digits are a unique identifier number for the specific financial institution or bank branch.

    What is the Application of CITAD Code?

    The CITAD Code's application is as follows:

    • CITAD Code is used in Vietnam for various electronic or online fund transfers for domestic fund transfer purposes.
    • This code is used to send and receive payments to the correct bank account.

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