What is Srilanka Bank Code?

Bank Code of any financial institution or bank in srilanka helps to identify the particular bank & they have also assigned branch code to each bank branch to identify the specific branch of the bank. This code used to transfer money or fund between local bank account, online bank transation etc.

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Srilanka Bank Code

What is Srilanka Bank Code?

Any financial institution or bank in Sri Lanka has a bank code that helps to identify the specific bank, and each bank branch has a branch code that helps to identify the specific branch of the bank. The Bank of Sri Lanka has a four-digit numeric code and a two-digit branch code.

Application of Srilanka Bank Code

The application of Srilanka bank code is as follows:

  • Transfer money or fund between local bank account.
  • Online Bank transaction.
  • Tax payment.

Bank or Financial Institution Codes

List of all Bank/Financial Institution Codes in Sri Lanka

Bank CodeBank Name
7852Alliance Finance Company PLC
7463Amana Bank PLC
7472Axis Bank
7010Bank of Ceylon
7481Cargills Bank Limited
8004Central Bank of Sri Lanka
7825Central Finance PLC
7047Citi Bank
7746Citizen Development Business Finance PLC
7056Commercial Bank PLC
7870Commercial Credit & Finance PLC
7807Commercial Leasing and Finance
7205Deutsche Bank
7454DFCC Bank PLC
7074Habib Bank Ltd
7083Hatton National Bank PLC
7737HDFC Bank
7092Hongkong Shanghai Bank
7384ICICI Bank Ltd
7108Indian Bank
7117Indian Overseas Bank
7834Kanrich Finance Limited
7861Lanka Orix Finance PLC
7773LB Finance PLC
7269MCB Bank Ltd
7913Mercantile Investment and Finance PLC
7898Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka & Finance PLC
7214National Development Bank PLC
7719National Savings Bank
7162Nations Trust Bank PLC
7311Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC
7135Peoples Bank
7922People’s Leasing & Finance PLC
7296Public Bank
7755Regional Development Bank
7278Sampath Bank PLC
7728Sanasa Development Bank
7782Senkadagala Finance PLC
7287Seylan Bank PLC
7038Standard Chartered Bank
7144State Bank of India
7764State Mortgage & Investment Bank
7302Union Bank of Colombo PLC
7816Vallibel Finance PLC

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